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"Sven accomplished more with you in 5 weeks than I accomplished in 8 YEARS!"  -- The former psychologist of a client of Badass Counseling (NYC, Greenwich/Stamford, CT)


The most cost-effective, time-efficient and LIFE-CHANGING counseling you have ever experienced! It's intense & moves fast! This is NOT psychology; it's SPIRITUAL COUNSELING*, which means it goes categorically deeper and moves at a much higher velocity than any counseling you've experienced before. it's about finding your TRUE VOICE, deep within, the voice of the gods murmuring deep within your soul your highest truth and MOST POWERFUL SELF!


"I'm the guy who finally brings you to true happiness, lasting peace, and finally, finally, finally a sense of real clarity about life and who you really are. That's it. That's what I do. I tap into and find the real you, and help you have the courage to become who you really are, deep down. And I happen to really kick ass at what I do!" ---- Sven


- Rate: $250/hour. Insurance not accepted. Sliding scale down to $120/hour for those struggling financially and war veterans.


 Many clients only need a few sessions! Thus, you will actually save money by working with me! You pay far, FAR less with Badass Counseling. You will pay far more by continuing to work with therapists who get little progress because they sit back, nod, let you keep talking and talking, and never really dive into your life. I will change your life and do so quickly.

This is the best investment you will ever make! 


- Specializing in people who have tried other therapies and counselors and had little or no success! Badass Counseling was designed over two decades for individuals who yearn to go to the next level in life, couples with the hardest problems, successful and high-functioning women, and men who hate therapy! ( well as unmotivated/depressed teens//20s)  Faster results, lasting impact, deeper peace, greater happiness, and SAVES MONEY!


*** Sven Erlandson, M.Div., is a 5-time published author; former military and NCAA Head Coach for Strength and Conditioning; clergy. As copyright dates confirm, he was the 1st author ever to name and define the 'spiritual but not religious' phenomenon, as cited on Wikipedia (link), and

Sven Erlandson is the de facto father of the "Spiritual  But Not Religious" movement.



- All clients must submit a full autobiography before the first session, so that we can hit the ground running and not spend 10 sessions just getting to know each other before I can help you, as most therapists do.

Saves time, saves money!

- All sessions are a full 60 minutes, not 50 or 45, as with most counselors.

- Save time! Save money! BOOK NOW! Offices in Manhattan, New York City (Midtown) and Stamford, CT. Also serving parts of New Jersey. Skype and phone clients in South Africa, Great Britain, China, etc.

***Go to Contact page or call: 203.536.2426***


- Day-long and weekend-long intensive sessions are available but must be booked at least two weeks in advance. Otherwise, a 4-6 hour first session is strongly, strongly recommended; though it is only mandatory that the first session be at least three hours, because nothing gets accomplished in one hour. Most success and progress happens in that 4th, 5th, and 6th hour! But most people never experience that because they've never had this type of counseling. By front-loading counseling, months and years of counseling are ELIMINATED!...and that means YOU SAVE MONEY!.......unlike most counselors who let you talk on and on for months and years, with little direction, all while draining your wallet. Badass Counseling is faster, deeper, more powerful and, in the long run, far less expensive than most other therapies, clergy, counselors, and coaches.


*Licensure is NOT required in most states, including Connecticut, for types of SPIRITUAL COUNSELING/COACHING. Sven Erlandson, MDiv, is not a licensed psychologist, mental health professional, or anything related to the medical field. If you require mental health counseling, you should seek help from a licensed mental health professional. Badass Counseling is SPIRITUAL COUNSELING, helping clients unlock the voice of God/gods/universe/soul/higher power inside them, so that they can begin to live their truth and finally experience happiness and true aliveness.

TV & Radio Personality

Dynamic Speaker 

Adjunct Lecturer



"Sven, you were AWESOME! I'm so jacked!

I went into work on Wednesday and sent out a general e-mail to everyone requesting feedback and follow-up thoughts from your inspirational (and can I say very challenging) talk. I welcomed them to call me or stop by my office to discuss the matter. I got plenty of e-mails and verbal comments. No surprise to me, all the comments were positive! Most everyone mentioned the strong language, but said it wasn't anything to be concerned about. After all, we are cops, and you did ask for their permission first. I’ve heard you do G-rated talks, but this was much better suited for this audience.

In other words you made quite an impression.....and it appears to be a massively positive one at that. Julie and I are going to sit down tomorrow and put your ideas into writing, department-wide.

And...the chief…the chief was ecstatic. He, too, commented on your energy and the force of your ideas. I told him about all the positive feedback and he was extremely pleased. So it appears you not only were a giant help for the team, but you made me look very, very good! Great Job, Sven!"

--- Sergeant D.L., 49, Florida


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  • Motivational Speaker to 
    • Professional and collegiate athletes and coaches
    • Corporate meetings, conventions and gatherings
    • Police and Military
  • A former Fortune 200 Corporate Spokesman, representing
    • Toyota
    • Intel
    • Activision
    • Broan-Nutone
    • Medco
  • Lectured at the graduate school level in the field of:
    • Spiritual development of children
  • Lectured at the undergraduate level in: 
    • Sociology of Religion
    • Sports Psychology
    • Introduction to Fitness and Fitness Instruction
  • Former Pastor, passionately speaking to large and small groups
  • Regular radio and TV guest, specializing in relationships, infidelity, spirituality, and self-actualization


Sven Erlandson can be hired for corporate, civil, media, academic, and sports events, teams, conventions, conferences, and gatherings. Go to Contact page to reach Badass Counseling for rates and dates.

Each man must carefully observe which way his heart calls him, and then pursue that path with all his strength.
— Hasidic Jewish Proverb